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The story of Himalayan Chandra follows two converging paths.

The first path began in January 2000 when Ketan C. Mehta, MD and Nina Mehta founded NeilMed Pharmaceuticals from Dr. Mehta’s medical office. They strove to create a simple, safe, effective, and affordable way to alleviate common sinus and congestion symptoms. In short order, NeilMed became the largest manufacturer of large volume, low pressure saline nasal irrigation systems in the world.

The majority of their products use only all-natural ingredients, providing a medicine-free solution to a common problem that plagues those with allergies, sinusitis, the common cold, and any other congestion issues.

The second path follows the Himalayan Institute. It was created as a community of yogis and students dedicated to spiritual wellness found in yoga practices. They seek to encourage spiritual training that connects the mind, body, and soul for a happier and healthier life.

While sinus health and spiritual wellness might not seem like a likely pair, nasal irrigation through the use of a Neti Pot is a practice began by yogis centuries ago. Breathing is an essential part of yoga practice and meditation, which means that the nasal passages must remain clear. For generations, yogis have known the lasting power of nasal irrigation.

NeilMed purchased the Himalayan Institute line of nasal irrigation products in  2014 to form Himalayan Chandra. The mission was to expand their range of medication-free solutions to symptoms caused by common sinus problems. Now, customers can choose from a wide range of all-natural products to effectively diminish uncomfortable symptoms caused by illness, sinusitis, allergies, and other common sinus issues.

Today, Himalayan Chandra is the #1 brand in North America for large volume saline nasal irrigation devices. The combination of the medical background of NeilMed and the spiritual background of the Himalayan Institute make it the perfect, all-natural solution to nasal discomfort with a method that’s been proven to work for centuries.