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Here are just a few testimonials from some of our satisfied customers & medical professionals
All testimonials have been provided purely as a courtesy without any financial compensation.


“Practice saline irrigation … People with chronic sinus conditions should use a nasal douche daily, as it promotes drainage of the sinuses and speeds healing of inflamed tissues … a ceramic device for this purpose called a Neti Pot that looks like a miniature Aladdin’s lamp.”
–Andrew Weil, MD, Dr. Andrew Weil’s Self Healing Newsletter


“Irrigate your nasal passages daily or at least once each week. Consider a Neti Pot, which is used for basic hygiene and cold prevention in ayurvedic medicine … If the thought of putting liquid up your nose makes you cringe, relax. The biggest barrier to doing this will be your memory of getting water up your nose while swimming. This is entirely different … and it works so well!”
–Christiane Northrup, MD, Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Health Wisdom for Women


“Of all the treatment options suggested in my book, [nasal] irrigation is probably one of the most helpful.”
— Robert S. Ivker, DO, author of Sinus Survival, as quoted in Martha Stewart Living


“The Neti Pot alone has helped more people than any other modality I use – with consistent use the results can be dramatic.”
–Carrie Demers, MD, Medical Director, Himalayan Institute Total Health Center, Honesdale, PA


“Thank you for supplying the noses of Alaska with this fine item.”
–Dr. Glenn Wilde, Juneau, AK


“One proponent of nasal irrigation, Dr. David Kuhns, says that nasal washing feels ‘like walking along a beach and breathing salt air. It’s thoroughly pleasant and, afterward, you can breathe very clearly.”
–Donna Farhi, author of The Breathing Book


“My sinus headaches are totally gone since I began using the Neti Pot™ …it’s changed my life and I’m completely off over-the-counter medications now!”
–Amy Huffhines, Mansfield, TX


“I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections, needing decongestants, antihistamines, and even steroid sprays. They stopped being effective because I was using them so much. I bought a Net Pot about 5 years ago, and started using it regularly—in that time I’ve had only 3 infections, and only needed meds once. Even that infection cleared more quickly because I kept using my little Pot. Wonderful product.”
–W.D., email


“I’m writing to express my sincerest thanks to you for selling the Neti Pot! It is an invaluable product for sinus and allergy sufferers and I don’t know how I lived without it for much of my life. For most of my 43-years I suffered with chronic sinus problems. Each year I used to miss at least 2 weeks of work because of severe sinusitis and painful sinus infections. Antibiotics and antihistamines offered temporary relief but the infections always returned.Several years ago my chiropractor….introduced me to the Neti Pot…after my first try I was sold! What a magnificent product and it really works!….I now use the Neti Pot at least once a day. It helps keep my sinuses clean. It takes away sinus-related sore throats immediately. It helps improve my voice when I sing at choir. I no longer have puffy allergy-eyes….Thankfully, I have not missed any work due to sinus or allergy problems. Simply stated, my life is so much better since I began using the Neti Pot. I recommend it….The Neti Pot is a blessing. Thank you very much for selling such a magnificent, life-improving product!!!!!”
— R.S., Scarsdale, NY


“I have been suffering from chronic and severe sinusitis for five years. I have constantly been on many prescription medications to ease the pain in my head. Everyday I took a decongestant and nasal spray. Almost every month I would develop a sinus infection and need to be on antibiotics….I was at my limit with the pain and had decided to have nasal surgery to relieve the constant pressure in my sinuses….Two days before my scheduled surgery, I got sick….and postponed the surgery. While on this medication, a friend told me about the Neti Pot….I bought one and tried it out. I was shocked at all it cleaned out! I also was surprised at how easy it was to use. My pain was gone. Within a week, I stopped all medication…Since this drastic improvement, I have been singing the praises of this wonderful invention to anyone who will listen. I felt that I should write to you and share my joy. Thank you for the freedom of pain you have brought to my life. I would be honored to be a spokesperson for you in any way. Please feel free to use any portion of this letter to further the sales of the Neti Pot.”
— K.W., email


“I had spring allergies … that bothered me for years. I used the Neti Pot every day … my symptoms were relieved and did not return.”
— Katherine Jenkins, Warwick, NY


“It really works! It’s the only thing that controls my tendency to sinus irritation.… If I miss even a single day, I really notice the difference!”
–Jean Anderson, Austin, TX


“For the first time in years I’m able to breathe through my nose without the aid of pharmaceuticals…no more nose drops for me.”
–Ian Quittner, Florida